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Thanks for my New Life and Look!


Dear Dr. Swerdloff:

I have to express to you the wonderful gift you have given to me. Your work on my face and neck in April of 2008 was so wonderful that I’m told on a daily basis that I look younger and more beautiful.I had no pain or scarring and when I went to my beauty salon after only 3 weeks the ladies not only couldn’t believe it was me, but asked for your business cards. I got many hugs and kisses!

Again, I want to thank you not only for your talent and the wonderful skills that you have acquired but also for your kindness and explanation of all that I asked of you.

Thank you again for my new life and look! I hope for you a terrific life and career for the future.


With love and kisses,


My Husband Thinks he’s got a New Woman!


Dear Dr Swerdloff,

I'm writing just to say how pleased I am with the results of the facial surgery you did for me last month. The results are fantastic and the whole process was carried out most efficiently and without any pain. The recovery time was amazingly fast and the scars were so faint that now, one month after the surgery, there is scarcely any trace of them. One thing I did find most helpful was the use of a memory-foam "travel" pillow which supported my neck and, especially at night, prevented me rolling over in my sleep and disturbing the stitches.
Many thanks indeed for all your excellent work. My husband now thinks he's got a new woman!

Kindest regards,


Traveling to Florida was a ¡°Must Do!¡±


Making the decision to have a face life is no easy decision no matter how many times you look at yourself in the mirror and stretch your skin upwards to recall "days gone by." However, after meeting Dr. Jason Swerdloff for a consultation with a friend who was also interested in some "face work" making a final decision to have a Natural Lift was very EASY ! Dr. Swerdloff's easygoing manner and willingness to answer all of our questions regardless of how basic they may have been gave us the confidence in him to proceed with our Natural Lift surgery. He patiently answered every question we had and was readily available by telephone to reassure us pre- and post-surgery.  After seeing examples of his previous Natural friend and I were convinced that traveling to Florida was a "must do!" We felt assured that Dr. Swerdloff's amazing surgical skills, his wealth of experience in performing Natural Lifts and his marvelous treatment of his patients were what we needed to feel comfortable.


Our expectations for a relatively inexpensive, one hour long, pain-free, and highly successful procedure performed without general anesthesia and in a relaxed office setting were fully met. There was no pain whatsoever for either of us, only minor discomfort for which we each took ONE dose of non-prescription Tylenol. We never used our prescription pain medicine. Our only discomfort stemmed more from the postoperative bandages than from the incisions.


Our healing time was relatively brief. Best of all.... We LOVE our results and have gotten lots of complements on looking refreshed and rested. Our more youthful appearance is the best "shot in the arm" for two aging women.

One of the best things we did beyond the decision to have a Natural Lift with Dr. Swerdloff...was to do it with a friend! We actually had so much fun together in our wonderful hotel room on the beach in Clearwater, Fl. Having a buddy made the time go by so fast. Before you knew it we were removing our bandages together and by the fourth evening...we went out to a restaurant for dinner.  By the 7th day we flew home.  


A helpful hint is to have handy a small neck roll travel pillow...which will help you sleep properly the first few days...and if possible hire a nurse for the first night. We really did not need her...but it was comforting to have her with us to remind us not to bend or lift anything.  

We can really say that based on Dr. Swerdloff's amazing talent as a surgeon...we both have a restored confidence in our appearance and feel so fortunate to have such a fantastic "boost" at this time in our lives.





Your Caring Attitude Made me Feel Very Relaxed
Dear Dr. Swerdloff:


I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the result of my lift surgery you did for me a few months ago. As a 66-year-old man, I didn't think that this is something that I would do, but after I saw the result of the procedure that you did for my friend Carol I was convinced that this is something that I would like to have done. Most of my friends that I knew before the procedure and most of the new people I meet think that I am ten years younger than I am. Also, your caring attitude made me feel very relaxed about having this done and everything turned out just as you said it would. Anyone should feel confident about putting themselves in your skillful hands.




The Procedure Was a Breeze…The Results Fabulous


When I turned 57, I realized that my chin and neck areas were in dire need of help. I wanted to have cosmetic work done, but was very hesitant. I was afraid of the pain, the results, and the cost. Would I look natural?

Then a friend referred me to Dr. Swerdloff. Thank goodness! My initial meeting with him put my mind totally at ease. I scheduled my appointment one week later. The procedure was a breeze (better than the dentist!). Recoup time was minimal. The results fabulous!

As one friend to another: Go for it!


Thank you Dr. Swerdloff!




I Feel Like a New Person


I am a 72-year young great-grandmother. When I spoke with Dr. Swerdloff about having the Natural Lift done, he explained the procedure and put me at ease. His staff was wonderful. The procedure took an hour as explained to me. When my family and friends saw the results they were surprised by how good I looked. I have been taken for being in my fifties or early sixties.

I love the results. If anyone is thinking about this procedure, don’t wait another minute! I feel like a new person. You will be happy you did it!




My friends are so jealous!!


Hello Dr. Swerdloff:

I had been noticing some loose folds of skin around my jaw line and neck. My husband and I saw one of your ads with before and after examples of the "Natural Lift". I said " I'd like to have that done" and he replied, "Why don't you?" Immediately after the surgery he tells everyone "She looks 15 years younger!"

I am so thrilled with the results of my surgery. Thank you for the great results. My friends are so jealous!!

To say I am happy with the results of my surgery is an understatement. My face and cheeks are smoother and my chins are gone. I am elated!


I Feel Years Younger Emotionally!


In September of 2007, Dr. Swerdloff performed a Natural Lift on me and it was a truly rewarding experience.

I not only look years younger physically, but feel years younger emotionally and I believe my outlook on life has definitely been uplifted.

I thank you, Dr. Swerdloff, every time I look into a mirror!!!!!!



I Am So Pleased With My Surgery


Dr. Swerdloff,

I just want to let you know that I am so pleased with my surgery

I come from a family of physicians and have had my share of surgery cosmetic and otherwise. Your sutures were so clean and percise that they are dimishing nicely. My chiropractor even remarked. The under the chin area was bruised for awhile, but my jawline is now firm and sculpted. 

Im doing some movie work and feel very good about my appearance.

If you need any references or have anyone that needs some patient feedback, you can count on me.

I will be in for a consultation on my upper eyelids. I was apprehensive because of previous surgeries, but feel very confident that you understand and have the skill to do what needs to be done. You are an artist and a master of your craft :)


-Thank you, D.R.

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